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6. She was afraid that unless the train speeded up she would lose her _____   to Scotland.
A. ticket B. place
C. seat D. connection
[答案] D. connection
[注释] lose one's connection to 误了到......地方去的 (汽车、火车、轮船的) 联运; The train was   late and I missed my connection.
7. The ship was _____ in a storm off Jamaica.
A. drowned B. sunk
C. wrecked D. submitted
[答案] C. wrecked
[注释] wreck vt. 撞坏, 毁坏; 1) My son wrecked my car. 2) My car was completely   wrecked in the accident.
sink vt. 下沉, 沉没, 该动词也可作及物动词用, 意为使下沉, 但按本题句意看, 用被动语态不妥。 drown 溺死, 淹死: (vt.)   He drowned his wife. (vi) He drowned in the river. (他在河里淹死了。) submit 1) (=put   oneself under the control of another) 提交, 呈送 (to) : Should a wife submit herself   to her husband? (妻子应顺从他丈夫吗?) 2) (=put forward for option, discussion, decision   ect.) 提出 (供评论、讨论决定等) You must submit your request to the committee. 3)   (=surrender (to) , give in) 屈服,投降:After being defeated, they submitted to the   enemy. (打败后, 他们向敌人投降了。)
8. No one has _____ been able to trace the author of the poem.
A. still B. yet C. already D. just
[答案] B. yet
[注释] yet 常用于现在完成时的否定句中, 意为尚, 还。
9. More than one-third of the Chinese in the United States live in   California, _____ in San Francisco.
A. previously B. predominantly
C practically D. permanently
[答案] B. predominantly.
[注释] predominantly (=mostly; mainly) 主要地。 previously (=coming earlier in time   or order) 先前, 早先; This is better than any solution previously.   (这个办法比以前提出的任何解决办法都好。) practically (=really; in a practical way) 实际上。permanently   (=going on for a long time) 永久地。
本题译文:在美国, 华人中有三分之一居住在加利福尼亚洲, 其中主要是在旧金山。
10. The new secretary has written a remarkably _____ report only in a few   pages but with all the details.
A. concise B. clear
C. precise D. elaborate
[答案] A. concise.
[注释] concise (=brief; giving much information in few words) 简明扼要的:He gave a   concise report of the meeting. (他对会议作了简明扼要的报道。) clear 清楚的。precise (=exact;   correctly stated; free form error) 精确的, 明白无误的; Please tell me the precise   measurements. (请告诉我精确的尺寸。) elaborate (=worked out with much care; carefully   prepared) 精心制作的, 丰盛的:Peter worked out an elaborate scheme for raising the money.   (彼得制定了一项详尽得计划来筹集着笔款项。) 孤立地看, 似乎4个形容词均能修饰report, 但从句子的逻辑关系看, 后半句中有only in a few   pages but with all the details, 故concise 是最贴切的选择了。
11. The managing director took the _____ for the accident, although it was   not really his fault.
A. guilt B. charge
C. blame D. accusation
[答案] C. blame.
[注释]take the blame for 对......承担责任。Take charge of 负责管理 (照顾) 。[注意]charge   前无冠词the.
12. The worker agreed to _____ the strike if the company would satisfy their   demands.
A. call for B. call forth
C. call off D. call up
[答案] C. call off [注释] 详见III,25,26注释。
13. I could just see a car in the distance, but I couldn't _____ what color   it was.
A. look out B. make out
C. get across D. take after
[答案] B. make out
14. He has impressed his employers considerably and _____ he is soon to be   promoted.
A. eventually B. yet
C. finally D. accordingly
[答案] D. accordingly.
[注释]accordingly (=for that reason, therefore) 因此, 所以。
15. It was a great _____ for him to be pleasant to people he didn't like.
A. attempt B. trouble
C. power D. effort
[答案] D. effort.
[注释] effort (作可数名词用) (=vigorous attempt) 努力的尝试:Does it require a great effort   of will to give up smoking? (戒烟需要坚强的毅力吗?)






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